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Artist and Author of "The Healing Journey Of Spiritual Art" on Amazon worldwide.
Marilyn has never taken a lesson is painting. She just started painting in 1993 and the images flowed from her hands. She calls her art, Art beyond the Brush. 23 of her paintings adorn the walls of a medical clinic in Osaka Japan and has been featured in many magazines in Japan including, Star People magazine. She has traveled worldwide and spend time in Japan teaching about unconditional love and Reiki healing. Marilyn is a Reiki Master, Sound Therapist and has created 5 Cds for meditation and balancing the Chakras where her artwork can be seen on the covers.
Her art book was released in 2006 in Honolulu Hawaii. She was interviewed on Television on KHON2 morning news in Honolulu, seen on Heart Touch in California, and Guided by Spirit in Honolulu

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Besides all of these gifts, she is known as a third generation Clairvoyant Remote Viewer . Seen on Best Physics Directory. She has read for many people by phone and in person internationally.
Her art is referred to as Energy Paintings beyond the veil, and her new book soon to be release is called Art Beyond the Brush. Marilyn with no formal training, just sits down, gets out of her way and proceeds to paint what she sees in her minds eye and on her canvas.
People say, looks like some famous artist works but,she never studied them.
Viceroy Hotel Beverly Hills to Support Parkinson's Disease 2016
Smith's Center Las Vegas to support the youths of Las Vegas 2015
Forgotten Song Music to support the book and CD Las Vegas 2015
Viva Awards Las Vegas 2015
Viva Awards Las Vegas 2014

Quote by Marilyn:
Anyone can paint, it is within all of us. We are walking canvases waiting to be revealed and discovered.

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Marilyn is a 3rd Generation Sixth Sense Intuitive Clairvoyant (*Remote Viewer), Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Sound Therapist, and Teacher of Metaphysics.
Marilyn's Mother and Grandmother were both Intuitive Clairvoyants and Healers.  She was born in Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean.  Sadly her mother died when she was only 4 years of age though missing her greatly she has never felt separated.  Interestingly from that time on photographs taken of Marilyn reveal strange mystical lights by the side of or surrounding her (see mystical photos).  Her own clairvoyant abilities began to develop naturally and by the age of 10 she could predict events before they happened.  She had recurring visions, dreams, saw and sensed spirits moving around her -- eventually these experiences gave Marilyn a clear understanding of her destiny. 
Marilyn currently works/travels in Hollywood California, Las Vegas Nevada,Honolulu, Hawaii. U.S.A. & Japan

Marilyn' Book-The Healing Journey of Spiritual Art

Light passing through Marilyn at age 4 Years old after her Mother passed away